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1 Corrigendum/Date Extension of 08 Nos. Shop Rooms at Ferragunj Junction. 05-03-2024 .pdf
2 Corrigendum/Date Extension Ferrargunj 01-03-2024 .pdf
3 Corrigendum/Date Extension Tushnabad 01-03-2024 .pdf
4 Auction Public Notice Ferrargunj 22-02-2024 .pdf
5 Auction Public Notice Mithakhari 22-02-2024 .pdf
6 Notice: Beach cleaning of Burmanalla and surrounding areas 05-01-2023 .pdf
7 Order 306 : The Internal Complaint Committee to deal with the Complaints of Sexual Harassment 19-12-2022 .pdf
8 Annual Plan 2022-23: Works Proposed by Gram Panchayat Under GIA General Sector 12-10-2022 .pdf
9 Guidelines for immersion of Idol 30-08-2022 .pdf
10 Meeting Notice: Will be convenend on 23rd August, 2022 at 03.00PM in the Conference Hall of Zilla Prishad, SA under the Chairmanship of Adhyaksha, ZPSA 22-08-2022 .pdf
11 Efforts for propagating the Patriotic/National Integration messages 11-08-2022 .pdf
12 Instructions on Har Ghar Tiranga Programme 11-08-2022 .pdf
13 Amendment in the Flag Code of India,2002 10-08-2022 .pdf
14 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Independence Day Celebrations in the States and Union Territories of India 10-08-2022 .pdf
15 press release- Beach Cleaning Drive 30-03-2020 .pdf
16 Preventive measures COVID19 12-03-2020 .pdf
17 press release 11-03-2020 .pdf
18 Holi greeting 09-03-2020 .pdf
19 Greetings of Pongal 13-01-2020 .pdf
20 press release- Visit of Zilla parishad member Goa District 08-01-2020 .pdf
21 Happy New year Greetings 31-12-2019 .pdf
22 greeting of Happy New year 2020 31-12-2019 .pdf
23 greeting of Happy New year 2020 31-12-2019 .pdf
24 Press Release Standing Committees 27-12-2019 .pdf
25 Greetings of Christmas 24-12-2019 .pdf
26 Greetings of Merry Christmas 24-12-2019 .pdf
27 press release 26-11-2019 .pdf
28 Adjourned meeting shall be held on 22.11.19 at 9 AM in the conference hall of ZPSA 19-11-2019 .pdf
29 Greetings of Milad Un Nabi 08-11-2019 .pdf
30 Tender for supply of vehicles on hire basis for use of Zilla Parishad, South Andaman 09-10-2019 .pdf
31 Adjourned meeting of ZPSA which was earlier scheduled for 27.06.19 at 3.30 PM in the conference hall of ZPSA has been postponed to 29.06.19 at 3.30 PM due to administrative reasons. 25-06-2019 .pdf
32 Tender for supply of stationery items and other miscellaneous ZPSA 21-06-2019 .pdf
33 5th International Day of YOGA will be celebrated on 21st June 2019 19-06-2019 .pdf
34 Tender for supply of furniture and other items for the use of VKVZP at Port Mout, Ferrargunj & Shorepoint 30-05-2019 .pdf
35 Greeting of HOLI 22-03-2019 .pdf
36 Bus service exclusively for women and girls in between Port Blair to Herbertabad 12-03-2019 .pdf
37 Standing committee has been constituted on 26/11/2018 27-11-2018 .pdf
38 Citing need for further development of the coastal araes 21-11-2018 .pdf
39 The Adhyaksh, Zilla Parishad, South Andaman, Shri. Sanjib Kumar Mandal along with Shri. Krishan Kumar, Secretary (APWD), Shri. M.S Subramaniam, SE,CC-1, Shri. U.K Singh, S.E (PRI) Shri. Cozhi, EE (RCD), Shri. Dilip Kumar EE, CD-III, Shri. Subir Chander, ZPM, Shri. Mohd Safiq, Pradhan Ms. Suhara Bibi, Samity Member, Up Pradhan, Sarpanch and other PRI members of Mithakhari Gram Panchayat and Engineers made a visit to the rural areas of South Andaman and inspected the ongoing developmental projects on 17/11/2018 20-11-2018 .pdf
40 Shri Sanjib Kumar Mandal, Adhyaksh, Zilla Parishad, South Andaman has written a letter to the Chief Secetary, A & N Administration for plying bigger vehicle ferry boat between chatham and Dundaspoint jetty considering the number of commuters. 15-11-2018 .pdf
41 Shri Sanjib Kumar Mandal, Adhyaksh, Zilla Parishad, South Andaman has requested Shri Prakash Rai, Secretary(Transport), A & N Administration for the resumption of state Transport Bus Services being the most important form of rural passenger transport in between Tushnabad Junction and Dunduspoint Jetty. 14-11-2018 .pdf
42 On the auspicious Occasion of Deepavali. 06-11-2018 .pdf
43 Press Release: Shri Sanjib Kumar Mandal, Adhyaksh, Zilla Parishad, south Andaman has requested Admiral D.K.Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, VSM(Retd.), the Honorable Lt. Governor, AN Islands for the naming of two Islands in the name of eminent persons viz. Shri HARI CHAND JI , Shri GURU DHAND JI Who are also being worshiped by large number of people especially from Matua Committee as God in lieu of the suggestion invited for naming of Islands 05-11-2018 .pdf
44 Press Release : The newly elected Adhyaksh, Shri sanjib kumar mandal, Up-Adhyaksh, Shri Dasarath Verma, alongwith shri Krishan Kumar, CEO , Zilla Parishad, S/A, made a courtesy call to Chief Secretary . 26-10-2018 .pdf
45 press release of Shri. sanjib Mandal, Adhyaksh has appraised the Honble Lt. Governor, AN islands that a lone Bengali medium school viz., Govt. Ser. Sec. Rabindra Bangla Vidyalaya is presently imparting education in Bengali medium. 26-10-2018 .pdf
46 Meeting on devolution of power under the chairmanship of Adhyaksha, ZPSA on 25.04.2018 20-04-2018 .pdf
47 Meeting of the work and development committee will now be held on 26.4.18 at 10.30 in the conference Hall ZPSA 20-04-2018 .pdf
48 Special meeting 17.4.18 13-04-2018 .pdf
49 Special meeting on 10.4.2018 postponed due to adhyaksha proceeding to new delhi 06-04-2018 .pdf
50 special meeting of the ZPSA on 10.4.18 at 10.30 03-04-2018 .pdf
51 water supply and works committee meetings 16-03-2018 .pdf
52 Minutes of the meeting held on 16.01.18 at 1030 hrs of ZPSA 02-03-2018 .pdf
53 Press release from Miss V.K Mariyam Bibi, Chairperson of Education and social justice 01-03-2018 .pdf
54 Best wishes to students appearing in board exams and greetings and greetings and good wishes on Holi 01-03-2018 .pdf
55 Visited at Bamboolfat and wimberligunj area and inspected the works 13-02-2018 .pdf
56 Meeting will be held on 21.02.2018 at 1030 AM in the conference hall of ZPSA under the agenda points 03-02-2018 .pdf
57 meeting of the Education and Social Justice Committee 05-01-2018 .pdf
58 Special meeting of the ZPSA 12.01.2018 at 3.00 PM 05-01-2018 .pdf
59 Meeting of the water supply and works committee, ZPSA 9.01.2018 at 3.30 PM 05-01-2018 .pdf
60 Smti Baby Farreda, Adhyaksha, ZPSA, EE, ZPSA members inspected the various developmental worksof Little Andaman 27-12-2017 .pdf
61 christmas greetings 27-12-2017 .pdf
62 Tender for finalization of Annual Rate Contract for supply of IT Peripherals/accessories in the O/o ZPSA 16-12-2017 .pdf
63 A Special meeting of the Work and Development Committee of Zilla Parishad, south Andaman will be held on 07th December, 2017 at 11-00 AM in the Conference Hall of ZPSA. 05-12-2017 .pdf
64 press release on visit at wandoor sea beach 21-11-2017 .pdf
66 Ordinary meeting scheduled on 02.11.2017 3.00PM with ZP members and Pramukhs 31-10-2017 .pdf
67 Oath of newly elected adhyaksha and Up-adhyaksh Shri Gadadhar Mazumdar 09-10-2017 .pdf
68 Press release- 02nd October 02-10-2017 .pdf
69 Press Release- Shri Jaydeep Kumar Dey, Chairman, RSC/Adhyaksh, ZPSA congratulated Football team Wimberlygunj Zone 26-09-2017 .pdf
70 Press Release- Jaydeep Kumar Dey, Adhyaksh, ZPSA congratulated Shri Inder Pal Singh, Chairperson PBMC 26-09-2017 .pdf
71 Tender Notice - Construction of net fencing of M.I Pond i/c bolder fixing and steps near Ram Mandir at Ranchi Basti Mithakhari-02 under Gram Panchayat Mithakhari by ZPSA 31-08-2017 .pdf
72 Tender Notice- Construction of 01 No Water Tank at Hindu Graveyard at Shorepoint under ZPSA 31-08-2017 .pdf
73 Tender Notice- Construction of 01 no Water Tank at Muslim Burial Ground at Shorepoint under ZPSA 31-08-2017 .pdf
74 Press Release- review meeting on Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Drinking water and sanitation 19-08-2017 .pdf
75 Greeting for Independence Day and Janmashtami 16-08-2017 .pdf
76 Transfer of 29 subject listed out in the XI schedule of the constitution 10-08-2017 .pdf
77 Circular- Independence Day on 15 August, 2017 09-08-2017 .pdf
78 Short Tender construction of play ground, VIP gallery, Annual repair and Maintenance of VKZPV, Port Mout 08-08-2017 .pdf
79 Home Ministry Advisory Committee meeting for the UT of AN Islands was held on 28.07.2017 at New Delhi 02-08-2017 .pdf
80 Farewell to Smti Prabhawati Raj, C.P.O, Z.P.S.A on her superannuation on 31.07.2017 02-08-2017 .pdf
81 short tender- construction of road at wimberligunj (balance work) 27-07-2017 .pdf
82 Awareness programme on disability on 31.07.2017 10.30 AM, ZPSA 27-07-2017 .pdf
83 on 31.07.2017 at 10.30 A.M for the awareness programme on the issues of person with disability 27-07-2017 .pdf
84 Jaydeep Kumar Dey, Adhyaksh, ZPSA alongwith members met the Chief Secretary, A&N Admin on 19/2017 and raised various issues 25-07-2017 .pdf
85 GST Awareness Programme for elected PRIs 19-07-2017 .pdf
86 Tender -Replacement of Steel platform over CC Abutments Bridge 17-07-2017 .pdf
87 Re-tender- Construction of Garbage Disposal pit at Dumping Yard at Shyam Nagar Gram Panchayat Havelock under Zilla Parishad (Re-Tender) 12-07-2017 .pdf
88 A meeting of all Engineering Officials, ZPSA under the Chairmanship of Shri Jaydeep Kumar Dey, Adhyaksh, ZPSA disuss matter related developmental works undertaken by ZPSA on 06.07.2017 07-07-2017 .pdf
89 PRESS RELEASE --C.C Road from main road to Kannai Dhali house at Brindadan-II by ZPSA was inaugrated by Shri Jaydeep Kumar Dey, Adhyaksh, ZPSA on 04.07.2017 at 10.30 AM 05-07-2017 .pdf
90 Meeting Notice -- the Adhyaksh, ZPSA desired to hold a meeting of Zilla Parishad Members, Panchayat Samiti, Pramukh, Panchayat Samiti Member and Pradhans on 07/07/2017 at 3.30 PM in the conference Hall of ZPSA 04-07-2017 .pdf
91 SHORT TENDER- repair and maintenance of Rural Road Surya Chakra main road to Bambooflat Mosque at Ward No. 9 04-07-2017 .pdf
92 A meeting held on 30.06.2017 in ZPSA under the Chairmanship of Shri Jaydeep Kumar Dey, Adhyaksh, ZPSA on major issue like rent charges, crematorium, water sector etc 03-07-2017 .pdf
93 Notice of adjourned meeting of Zilla Parishad 30-06-2017 .pdf
94 Press Release-- Governing Body of VKZPZ held on 28.6.2017 03.00PM under the Chairmanship of Shri Jaydeep Kumar Dey, Adhyaksh, ZPSA & Smti Shahsi Kaushal CEO 29-06-2017 .pdf
95 Appeal to all islanders to participate in the 3rd International Day of YOGA on 21st June, 2017 20-06-2017 .pdf
96 Quotation Notice 09-06-2017 .pdf
97 Press Release- New rural road at calicut ward no. 1 inaugurated by Shri Jaydeep Kumar Dey, Adhyaksh, ZPSA & Smti Shahsi Kaushal, CEO, ZPSA with ZP members, Pradhan, Gram Panchayat 06-06-2017 .pdf
98 Tender- for purchase of LaserJet Printer 12-05-2017 .pdf
99 Meeting of VKVZPV under chairmanship of Shri Jaydeep Kumar Dey about opening /starting of a new school (VKZPV) at ferrargunj and shorepoint 12-05-2017 .pdf
100 Adhyaksh along withZPMember, Brindaban Constituency inspected at Saithankhari and Ferrargunj village on 05.05.2017 08-05-2017 .pdf
101 Supply of Laptop in the O/o Zilla Parishad 09-03-2017 .pdf