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 Sunday, April 11, 2021
Works Completed During the year 2014-15 [ GIA-General-(Developmental Works) ] | Back |
Sub Division
Sl.No. Name of workA/A & E/S No. & AmountWork Order No.Name of Agency
1 C/o of Anganwadi cum mahila Mondal at Manjeri. S.W.:- Providing internal electrification and installation.61561  
2 C/o bus stand near Mancharan stores at Humfrygunj under Humfrygunj Panchayat by ZP.222097  
3 Childrens Park at Wimberlygunj.   
4 C/o Community Hall near Wimberly Gunj Gram Panchayat.    
5 C/o Community Hall at farm Tikrey under Zilla Parishad, South Andaman90.00 Lakhs (approx)  
6 C/o C.C drain from Shri Swaminathan house to Shri Charminar house at W. No 9 under Bambooflat Panchayat by Zilla Parishad15-303/GENL/PL/2007/712 DT. 01.06.2009 RS. 42,93,693/-EE/SA/ZP/14-15/02 DT. 24.04.2014 RS. 102,73,601/-A R Construction Govt. Contractor & order supplier Mathura
7 Renovation, Maitenance, Painting and fencing with grill gate of Mahila Mondal at Manjery-II and Zilla Parishad, South Andaman.15-405/Genl/PL/ZP/12/1277 Dt.13/12/12 Rs.1,32,716/-W.O.No-14/ZP/Adhy/13-14 Dt.23/05/2013M/s Islander Unemployed Youth Co-operative Society Ltd, Nayasahar
8 Construction of Multipurpose Hall at Wandoor near Gram Panchayat Bhawan Humfrygunj under Zilla Parishad, South Andaman.15-302/RR/PL/ZP/08/ 1497 dt.16.10.07 - Rs.63,69,317/-EE/SA/ZP/08-09/42 dated 15.10.2008M/s Mallick Enterprises, Govt. Contractor, Port Blair
9 Construction of Passenger shed at Humphrygunj under Humphrygunj Panchayat by Zilla Parishad, South Andaman.15-390/Genl./PL/ZP/ 12/616 Dt.22.06.12 -Rs.1,91,059/-EE/SA/ZP/12-13/33 Dt.06-11-12M/s. Shyamal Construction Herbertabad
10 C/o Multipurpose Hall at Wandoor near Gram Panchayat Bhawan , Humphrygunj by Zilla Parishad SW: Providing, Installation of Internal & Electrical electrification15-413/Genl. /PL/ZP /2012 /1276 dated 13.12.12 – Rs. 3,69,995/-EE/SA/ZP/13-14/02 Dt. 05.04.13M/s. M.K.Construction, Stewartgunj
11 Renovation, maintenance, painting and fencing with grill gate of Mahila Mondal at Guptapara - II by Zilla Parishad, South Andaman.15-402 /Genl./PL/ZP/2012 /1275 dt. 13.12.12. Rs. 2,09,285/-W.O. No. 15/ZP/Adhy/ 2013-14 dt. 23.05.13M/s Sagar Construction Co-operative Society Ltd., Wandoor
12 Construction of Retaining wall near Shri Vallaiah’s house at Ward No. 04, Bambooflat under Zilla Parishad, South Andaman.15-363/Genl./PL /ZP/2011/844 dt. 20.09.2011 – Rs. 5,62,967/-EE/ZP/SA/2012-13/ 19 dt. 11/07/2012M/s. P.A.S. Construction, Stewartgunj
13 Construction of Mini Stadium at Choudhury Pahad under Shorepoint Panchayat by Zilla Parishad.15-263/Genl/PL/ZP/06/1604 dt. 02.11.07 - Rs. 53,45,356.00EE/SA/ZP/2008-09/55 dt. 26.12.2008Shri Swapan Sarkar, Govt. Contractor, Nayagaon, Port Blair
14 C/o C.C Footpath with drain & retaining Wall from Shri Ramamoorthy’s house to Shri Laxman Rao’s house at Ward No. 10 by Zilla Parishad, South Andaman15-411/Genl/PL/ZP/ 2012/1272 dt.13-12-12 Rs. 5,50,647/-19/ZP/Adhy/2013-14 dt. 09/07/2013M/s Anasuya Const. Coop-Society, Ltd, Shorepoint
15 C/o C.C drain cum retaining wall between house of Shri.M.A Anvar Hussain to M.A Kalliappan house at Rajeev Nagar W.No.1 under Gram Panchayat Shore Point by Zilla Parishad15-407/Genl/PL/ZP/ 2012/1115 dt.20-10-12 Rs.10,16,422/-W.O.No. 06/ZP/Adhy./2012-13 dt. 11.12.12.M/S. Rising Construction Co-operative Socxiety Ltd., Hopetown
16 C/o C.C. Drain along nallah from existing culvert near A Kutty’s house upto Wimberlygunj School at W.No. II under Wimberlygunj Gram Panahcyat15-379/Genl/PL/ZP/12/287 dt. 04.04.12 - Rs. 26,86,341EE/SA/ZP/2013-14/39 Shri A. Abdul Aziz, Govt. Contractor & Order Supplier, Stewartgunj
17 C/o 01 No box culvert near the house of Late Sita Nath Das at Manglutan-III under Zilla Parishad.1970077  
18 C/o Community hall at Ranchi Basti at Tushnabad.   
19 C/o R.C.C Retaining wall and culvert in front of Pentacostal Church at Brindaban W.No 05 under Zilla Parishad, South Andaman15-436/GENL/PL/ZP/2014/618 DT. 21.07.2014 RS. 37,28,372EE/SA/ZP/2016-17/16 DT. 30.01.2017 RS. 44,17,280/-K.T. Manoj Govt. Contractor, Wright Myo
20 Construction of community hall at Tsunami Shelter at Mithakhari-06 under Gram Panchayat, Mithakhari by Zilla Parishad.15-541/Genl/PL/ZP/2017/954 dt.22.09.2017 Rs. 39,06,075/-EE/SA/ZP/2017-2018/21 Rs. 45,57,843/-M/s SPR Construction,Govt. Contractor, Stewartgunj,South Andaman.
21 C/o. Compound wall around Christian burial ground at Ward no.05 under Gram Panchayat Bambooflat by Zilla Parishad, South Andaman15-504/Genl/PL/ ZP/2016/1190 dt. 01.12.16 Rs.26,25,986/-EE/SA/ZP/2016-2017/23 dt, 19.06.2017 Rs. 34,42,801/-A. R. Construction Govt. Contractor & order Supplier, Mathura.
22 C/o CC Footpath/Road from main road to Anil and Ajit house Tushnabad under Gram Panchayat, Tushnabad by Zilla Parishad, South Andaman.15-468/Genl/PL/ZP/15/68 Rs.5,15,417/-55/Adhy/ZP/2015-2016 Rs.5,63,749/-M/s Dweep Development Multipurpose Co.Op. society Ltd.Tushnabad
23 Anganwadi Centre at Lall Bijan under Wimberlygunj GP .   
24 C/o Anganwadi cum mahila mondal building at near Agriculture Sub-Depot at Mithakhari village under Mithakhari village under Mithakhari Gram Panchayat by MPLAD (Phase-II)348982  
25 Development of Play Ground i/c Construction of VIP gallery at Vivekananda kendra Zilla Parishad Vidyalaya Port Mout under ZillaParishad,South Andaman5684875  
26 Development of Play Ground i/c Construction of VIP gallery at Vivekananda kendra Zilla Parishad Vidyalaya Port Mout under ZillaParishad,South Andaman5684875  
27 Community hall at Valluvar Nagar, Shore Point under Ferrargunj Tehsil.1257623  
28 Development of play fround at S/Gunj under S/Gunj Panchayat. SW:- Development of Play Ground for a length of 80.00 mtrs x 90.00mtrs.529736  
29 Community Hall at Nayabasthi, Bambooflat at under ZP.   
30 Anganwadi Centre at Shoal Bay under Shoal Bay Panchayat140452  
31 Graveyard Shed at Shore Point under Shore Point Gram Panchayat   
32 Mini Stadium at Chouldhary Pahad under Shore Point Panchayat by Zilla Parishad.11596985  
33 Water Supply Scheme at North Bay under Hope Town Panchayat by Zilla Parishad.   
34 Mini Stadium at Shoal Bay   
35 Graveyard Shed at Govindapuram, S/Gunj under S/Gunj Panchayat by ZP/SA 2668557  
36 Anganwadi Centre at Wrightmyo216904  
37 01 No. Water Tank at Hindu Graveyard at Shore Point under ZP/SA.128465  
38 01 No. Water Tank at Muslim Burial Ground at Shore Point under ZP/SA.116611  
39 Childrens Park at Wimberlygunj.   
40 Childrens Park at Wimberlygunj.   
41 Youth Club in Kanyapuram, Ward No.02 Near DEOs Office791908  
42 Community Toilet at Wimberlygunj Premises of Childrens Park2229127