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 Saturday, July 2, 2022

The Engineering Wing executes the development works of rural areas which are passed in Gram Sabha and included in the Annual Plan of Zilla Parishad, as per the priority passed by Works Committee. The responsibilities include preparation and technical sanction of estimates, floating of tenders, justification & award of works after getting approval from the Competent Authority, Supervision of works at various levels as per the CPWD Manual, Preparation of bills etc.

The details of the staff attached to this Wing are as under:-

Sl.No.Employee NameDesignationContact No
1 Shri U.K.SinghSuperintending Engineer(i/c)9474261306
2 Shri. Pradeep Kr. Sarkar Executive Engineer (I/C)9434260350
3 Shri. B.K.SinghAssistant Engineer9531816699
4 Shri. Chella PerumalAssistant Engineer9564780505
5 Shri. Ajit Kumar Chaudhary Assistant Engineer9679515895
6 Smti Mini Rani Assistant Engineer(Plg)9476065375
7 Shri Rajesh Kumar SinghJunior Engineer(Civil)9474221455
8 Smti N.SakeenaJunior Engineer(Civil)9434288239
9 Shri V Rajesh KumarJunior Engineer(Civil)9434280789
10 Shri S.M.MustafaJunior Engineer(Civil)9476012020
11 Smti Sindhuja SethaiJunior Engineer(Civil)8001990880
12 Smti B RukmaniJunior Engineer(Civil)9474270825
13 Shri P Anantha KumarJunior Engineer(Civil)9434291845
14 Smti Bilasi TopnoSurveyor9434291131
15 Shri K.Murli KrishnaDraftsman9679588777
16 Shri Paneer SelvamHead Clerk8900905144
17 Smti Archana DeviLower Grade Clerk9531866750
18 Shri Ranjit TirkeyLower Grade Clerk9531866686
19 Shri Manoj Kumar HalderLower Grade Clerk9531866686
20 Smti.B.ChandrakalaJunior Engineer (Contract) 
21 Smti. Neelufar Jaffar Junior Engineer(Contract) 
22 Smti.Sharika Junior Engineer(Contract) 
23 Shri. Suraj Kumar Singh Junior Engineer(Contract)7200360928
24 Shri. Satyendra SinghJunior Engineer(Contarct)7063944947

The Planning Wing of Zilla Parishad plays a vital role in smooth functioning of this Institution. The Planning Wing is responsible for formulation and preparation of Five Year & Annual Plan Schemes of Zilla Parishad/ PRIs. It plays an important role in conducting the District Planning Committee meeting wherein all the Plan implementing departments present their plan proposals for discussion and deliberation. Based on the recommendations/suggestions made by the DPC the plan proposals are finalized. Centrally Sponsored Scheme under implementation by Zilla Parishad is also looked into by the Planning Wing. The Planning Wing also undertake various other works like correspondence with departments for submission of reports, collection of various data, all correspondence in connection with the financial assistance provided to VKZPV School etc. to analyse the achievements made in the field of Economic/Social/Educational sectors.

The details of the staff attached to this Section are as under:-

Sl.No.Employee NameDesignationContact No
1 Shri Samar BiswasSenior Investigator9476004726
2 Smti. Jameela BibiSenior Investigator9933243214


Its role is to advice in the matters of financial policy and responsible for all matters relating to the accounts of the Zilla Parishad including preparation of Annual accounts and the budget and submission of Grant-In-Aid application to A&N Administration. The Accounts branch also ensures that no expenditure is incurred without proper sanction and it should be in  accordance with Rules and Regulations.

The details of the staff attached to this Section are as under:-

Sl.No.Employee NameDesignationContact No
1 Smti ChintamaniChief Accounts Officer7063990430
2 Shri. Mohd AminSenior Accountant 9474202041
3 Smti. Karmela ToppoHigher Grade Clerk9474221744
4 Shri. Anwar Nisar Higher Grade Clerk9474221767
5 Smti. Nasneen Anwar Lower Grade Clerk9476070392
6 Smti. Farheen BibiLower Grade Clerk9531850610
7 Shri Mohd.RiazMulti Tasking Staff9531808645

This Branch is entrusted with the responsibility of General Administration of the Zilla Parishad, South Andaman. It also deals with Service & other Personnel matters of its employees including Framing/ Amendment of Recruitment Rules of the cadre posts, filling up of vacant posts, maintenance of service roaster etc. This branch also deals with conducting trainings for staff and elected representatives of Zilla Parishad, South Andaman through various resource persons/ agencies. This section is also entrusted with furnishing the reply for RTI applications and Parliament Questions and purchase of requisite office stationeries, stock, maintenance etc.

The details of the staff attached to this Section are as under:-

Sl.No.Employee NameDesignationContact No
1 Shri.D C RoyAssistant Director(Admn)9434297957
2 Smti. Shanti JeevanHead Clerk9434283373
3 Smti B T SaraswatiHead Clerk9933223853
4 Smti Shaibya Rani DasHigher Grade Clerk9476058327
5 Shri BhaskaranHigher Grade Clerk 9434281642
6 Smti Jameela BibiHigher Grade Clerk9933293781
7 Shri IsmailStaff Car Driver9434271174
8 Shri N K MolangiMulti Tasking Staff9434299839
9 Shri Abdul MajeedCinema Operator9933238149

Information Technology Cell

The IT Cell is responsible for implementation of e-Governance and other IT initiatives in Zilla Parishad, South Andaman. The responsibilities include Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) and Request for Proposal (RFP) for e-Governance/other major IT initiatives, Design/Development and Maintenance of Software/ Applications, Procurement of IT and other related equipments, Setting up and Maintenance of IT infrastructure, Co-ordinating with Vendors/Agencies for Design & Development/ Maintenance of outsourced software/ applications etc.

The details of the staff attached to this Cell are as under:-

Sl.No.Employee NameDesignationContact No
1 Smti. Hema BasuComputer Asst Gr-‘B’/ Nodal Officer (IT)9474247743
2 Smti Monica Jay KumarComputer Assistant-Gr-A9474207680