The Zilla Parishad is a body established by Constitutional amendment and functions under the A&N Islands (Panchayats) Regulation, 1994. It is generally entrusted with Zilla level development of rural areas of South Andamans. The jurisdiction of the South Andaman Zilla Parishad extends from rural areas of Dollygunj to Campbell Bay in the South. The Zilla Parishad is expected to function as an institution of self government with respect to the preparation of plans and implementation of schemes for economic development and social justice in relation to matters listed in the sixth Schedule. These matters include functions in the spheres of sanitation, public works, education & other cultural activities, administration, community development, agriculture, animal husbandry, Village and Small scale industries, social welfare, relief in the event of natural calamity and minor irrigation projects. The Zilla Parishad can also make provisions for carrying out within area of its jurisdiction, any other works or measures which are likely to promote the health, safety, education, comfort, convenience or social and economic well-being of the residents.